Designs you can take from the bedroom to beyond.

Founded by a Hong Kong born designer in 2018, VAMAANI delivers a whimsical collection of luxury loungewear inspired by vibrant colors and vivid prints. 

Our timeless sleepwear designs encompass Asian prints and marry them to contemporary styles of stitching. They are made with sophisticated woman and men in mind, who bring their style back home and who aren't afraid to shine in public. The brand’s signature "Wildly Chic Silk Sleepwear Set" is the epitome of elegance and good taste. Our sleepwear is also customizable with embroidery.

With VAMAANI, the possibilities are endless. Our team of creative designers have the capability and experience to bring any silk fabric design or t-shirt design to life. 

Our signature “Friendship Tee” is hand-illustrated for precision and custom-made upon request. We ensure we catch small details of each friendship and represent customers’ unforgettable memories visually on this exclusively-made gift of a lifetime.

Our signature Evil Eye, Nostalgic for NYC and Boss Babe Graphic Tees are also hand-illustrated and made for those who have the desire to make a bold statement. Each design is has a story and belief attached to it and they resonate with customers worldwide. Our most popular graphic tees can also be purchased on ZALORA.